Raymond Patterson - A polished performance. He possesses a riveting voice that is full of power and emotion. Contact Raymond Patterson


Critical Notices

An Evening with Raymond Patterson
at The Fives, New York City

"Raymond Patterson provides an evening of highly professional, classy entertainment... selects and performs his songs with special attention to the lyrics. His acting talents are evident in his singing, whether in his playful shifting of vocal registers or the dramatic projection of his softer material. Patterson's skills as a balladeer are matched by his vocal range and verve." VARIETY


"Patterson is a quietly powerful presence as "John," selling the folksy "Bui Doi" with resonant conviction."

San Francisco Examiner August 31, 1998

"One of the most powerful of performances is that of Raymond Patterson as Marine buddy "John."

Grand Rapids Press May 4, 1998

"...lends a stalwart voice and presence."

Aisle Say, San Francisco Bay Times September 10, 1998

"...was impressive as buddy "John" who sings the touching "Bui Doi."

San Francisco Bay Times September 12. 1998

"Raymond Patterson carries the torch..."

San Francisco Chronicle September 1, 1998

"Raymond Patterson gives a stunning performance as "John," seamlessly transforming from an egocentric soldier to a crusader for the rights of the Vietnamese/American children left behind. This is a complicated change to convey but Patterson does so beautifully."

The Nashville Banner March 3, 1997

"The standout in the cast is Raymond Patterson, who has the gospel-style belter "Bui-Doi," which opens the second act."

Boston Herald January 15, 1998

"Raymond Patterson possesses a strong voice and acting talent."

New Orleans Vive La Vie June, 1997

"Demanding mention is Raymond Patterson as "John."

The Jewish Chronicle May, 1997

"One of the most moving moments is when Patterson sings an appeal for help for the half American babies and toddlers we see on screen behind him."

The Providence Chronicle February, 1997

"...effective and complex..."

Hartford Advocate December 19, 1996

"...comes into his own in Act Two. He sings forcefully about the "Bui-Doi."

The Hartford Record/ Journal January, 1996

* "A polished performance; he possesses a riveting voice that is full of power and emotion."

Standard Times February, 1997

"Gives an effective performance throughout but shines during his musical spotlight. He rings much from the sad ballad..."

Sun Sentinel September 29, 1997

"The one "legit" singer among the principals is Raymond Patterson, who projects his gospel number with evangelistic vigor."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette September 29, 1997

"...Full of intensity...Patterson belts out the second act opener "Bui-Doi" (the Dust of Life")."

The Palm Beach Post September 29, 1997

"Raymond Patterson is well cast with a particularly impressive performance."

Nashville Q March, 1997

"...good performance providing the human dimension that is the heart of the story."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch October 27, 1996

"A pleasure to watch...Patterson makes something out of the part of "John" who is a difficult blend of two stock characters: "best friend" and "socially aware conscience of the play."

The Riverfront Times October 1996

"Strong work from Raymond Patterson...and sure voiced..."

Bay Windows January 22, 1998

"Top notch performance..."

The Hartford Optimist December 19, 1996

"Standout in this large cast..."

City November 5, 1997

"...solid support from Raymond Patterson."

The Berkshire Eagle December 31, 1996

"Makes the most of his "Bui-Doi."

The Edmonton Sun June 28, 1998

"Fine in his principal part."

The Orlando Sentinel April 5, 1997

"Raymond Patterson is on a high level..."

The Sunday Providence Journal January 26, 1997

"Raymond pours fervor into the role..."

Green Bay Press-Gazette April 5, 1998

"Energetic and morally appealing...and sings his heart."

The San Diego Union-Tribune July 27, 1998

"Excellent performance turned in by Raymond Patterson as the noble Marine; his rendition of "Bui-Doi" is heartbreaking."

San Francisco Backstage September 10, 1998


Providence Herald News February, 1997

"Displays fine voice and a competent actor."

Providence Enterprise February, 1997

"...strong cast features Raymond Patterson..."

San Antonio Express News June 7, 1997

"...gives a versatile performance"

Palm Beach Daily News October 1, 1997

"His role in particular was the most intense, satisfying performance I may have ever seen... extraordinarily talented."

Deaconess Hospital-Harvard February 18, 1997

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (2002-2005, Broadway National Tour)

"Raymond Patterson has the strength of voice and acting aplomb to wear the white robes and thorny crown of the man from Nazareth. In the pop sheen of his voice and the sensitivity of his performance, he earns his hosannas. When Patterson's Jesus goes into his upper registers for some of his more lilting numbers, you understand why this musical has endured for 30-plus years."

The Atlanta Journal-Constiitution April 4, 2003

"Raymond Patterson is always a pleasure to listen to."

South Bend Tribune March 27, 2004

"Patterson masters the difficult falsetto requirements for the role."

The Baltimore Sun April 10, 2003

"Terrific singer Raymond Patterson played Pontius Pilate as a black Mussolini, his sternness matching his fascist costumes and his voice terrifying in his scene with Christ."

Minneapolis Star Tribune October 21, 2004

"Tuesday's opening night audience was not guilty of generosity with its ovations for Raymond Patterson's Pilate. It was simply giving this outstanding talent his due."

The Arizona Republic December 9, 2004

"...absolutely first rate...Raymond Patterson cajoles and begs as Pontius Pilate."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer April 15, 2004

"...displays a great deal of personality (with punchy singing by Raymond Patterson)"

The Chicago Sun-Times November 7, 2003

"A standout performance was given by Raymond Patterson."

The Kalamazoo Gazette February 6, 2003

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